Sometimes this uncertainty can make us feel uncertain for far longer than a simple while, and this was exactly how Ellis was feeling right now. As many of you have perhaps also experienced, feeling uncertain also colours how we feel about the future.

Falconb Boy 1‘What is going to happen to Panic Town if I don’t find Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird?’ Ellis said to herself. ‘Will everyone blame me if things turn out really badly for everyone?’ Her poor small heart began to sink.

Ellis wasn’t the only one feeling worried right now. I am very concerned about putting a young girl in such a terrible position. I’m also making her feel these really big and bad-feeling feelings.

Perhaps I should have left her happily at home? Are people going to start blaming me for how she is feeling? Now I’m starting to worry. It’s getting contagious.

What do I really matter to a world that might be too busy to really care about me? Should I be feeling these bad-feeling feelings? Is there anybody out there even reading this? Is there anybody out there who will ever read this?

With both of us now overwhelmed by a glimpse of our smallness in the vastness of such a giant world, I feel really bad.

I thought that this would just be a lovely adventure for Ellis. I thought she would see some funny things and meet some lovely people, before going home to her lovely life. But now look what has happened. There isn’t much that’s lovely about having to save the world from impending doom.

Instead of evil super-criminals and angry robots, perhaps Ellis should be having great fun with talking ducklings and cuddly kittens before going for a small walk down a country lane with an overly-protective sheepdog called Wayne, and then heading home for a jolly tea of apples, cake and milk, lovingly prepared by a kindly farmer’s wife called Mrs Bess.

What do you think?

I think we need someone to do something very quickly to dispel all this doom and gloom and make Ellis feel better about herself, her situation and her position in relation to the world. But not just for Ellis. I would like to feel better about things as well.

If this is going to happen, then it had better happen straight away before we are all too depressed to continue reading (or writing).

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