Despite her usual self-assurance, a similar thing once happened to Pearly Stockwell in Pearly and the Harvest Moon. A mysterious meteor shower just happens to brainwash the whole of Fallstown. Pearly wakes the next morning to find that she was the only person who hadn’t been turned into an emotionless shell of her former self.

CeLEhc6W8AANLy6.jpg_largePearly walks through the streets of Fallstown, desperately trying not to show emotion as she seeks to determine the cause of the shower. She feels alone in the world and it isn’t a nice feeling. Everyone looks so blank and dull. They smile, but Pearly can’t see anything behind their eyes.

Even despite the fact that the blank dullness that now confronts Pearly is not too much different from how the town had been before, Pearly still realises that things need to be returned to how they used to be.

Eventually, as always, Pearly triumphs, by remembering that the autumnal equinox was rapidly approaching. This allows her to realise that the rays of the next harvest moon would be strong enough to reverse the effects of the meteor shower and as she does so, her feelings of complete and utter aloneness are banished once again.

‘I’m not alone anymore,’ says Pearly as the moon’s rays begin to work their magic on the townsfolk of Fallstown and they return to the people that they had been before.

As she remembered this story, Ellis was able to take some comfort from it but what did she know about rays from the moon and meteor showers? More importantly, how would any of this help her find Falcon Boy?

We have all felt occasionally, or more regularly than that, that the world is full of more questions than answers. Indeed, if Dr Don’t Know gets his way, then this is exactly what the future is going to look like for all of us.

Uncertainty is an uncertain thing and causes us all to be unsure about how we feel about things sometimes. We start to worry about who we are, and what we really mean and matter to a world that seems too busy to really care about us at all.

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