Three Troublebots separated themselves from the shadows in the corner of Dr Don’t Know’s office and stood before his desk. The scientist shuddered.

The first Troublebot snatched the envelope from the frightened scientist’s hand and ripped it open with its can opener attachment.

Using a tweezer attachment, the second Troublebot clumsily removed the photograph of Ellis from the envelope. The third Troublebot had no role to play in this part of the proceedings, and so satisfied itself by waiting for the right moment to strike.

The three Troublebots peered, pored and pawed the photograph of Ellis and as they did so, you could hear a horrendous racket as the gears in their computer-brains whirred and clanked. Dr Don’t Know and the scientist waited for something to happen and eventually something did.

The third Troublebot snatched the photograph from the second Troublebot’s hand.

‘I will stop her,’ it said, and the Troublebot’s voice reminded the wary scientist of a telephone being dropped down a toilet mid-conversation.

The second Troublebot reacted by swatting the third with the back of its metallic hand.

‘I will catch her,’ it said, in a voice that sounded like the final gasp of a dying microwave.

The first Troublebot moved slightly behind the other two and with a swift sweep of its rusty arms, crashed their two heads together. Over the clang of two metal heads being forced violently together, the first Troublebot spoke and as it did so, the scientist thought it sounded like an old transistor radio being thrown out of the window of a slow-moving car.

‘I will bring her here,’ it said.

In a scary flash of oil, sparks and robotic resentment, the Troublebots left the office.

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