The life of a super-criminal can be worrisome enough, especially considering the sort of financial difficulties that he had experienced recently, but even given all of this, Dr Don’t Know is a real worrier and now he had something new to really worry about.

The ‘Other Transmissions’ section of his recently-rationalized and now, in fact, one-man surveillance and monitoring team (who also has to man the main switchboard when he is not busy with any transmissions designated as ‘other’), had just intercepted the conversation that took place between Falcon Boy and Ellis.

Hurried, worried questions burst in the Doctor’s brain like so many bursting bubbles of angry anger.

‘How could Falcon Boy have made contact with anyone?

How was this made possible?

Who is responsible?’

Dr Don’t Know looked straight towards me when he had this thought. Luckily, he doesn’t know that I’m there. He continued worrying.

‘If Falcon Boy has suddenly acquired a superpower then has his foolish friend acquired one as well?

Is someone arbitrarily handing out superpowers to people?

If so, why won’t someone give me one?

What sort of superpower do I want?

I had better think of one just in case. Would I choose falling like a stone but not breaking on impact?

Swimming like an unbidden fish?

Looming large over people?’

And the Doctor worried some more.

‘Why a young girl?

What is she going to do next?

Do I have to kidnap her as well?

Who else has Falcon Boy spoken to?

Will I have to kidnap them as well?

What if he has spoken to lots of people?

What if I have to kidnap lots of people?

Where will I put them all?’

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