Donny is the drummer and whilst this may be a nominal role, no one can ever say that Donny doesn’t do his best. He doesn’t really say too much, which is quite lucky because he really doesn’t have much to say.

His favourite ready meal is also lasagne and until he was banned for insurance purposes, his favourite hobby was setting off small outdoor fireworks indoors.

Camera Six for a wide shot followed by a cut back to a close shot of the drummer’s face.

‘Donny, is there a message you want to give to your fans ahead of your concert later?’

‘Not really,’ says a grinning Donny. ‘Just tell them to watch me drum. I’m good, I am.’

Cut back to Camera Five.

‘Well how’s that, then? Ka-boooey!’

Daphne Doodah is next. Her job is to play the tambourine. In the Friendship Annual, it says that she hopes that her time in Doodah will help her learn about the world and ‘what different people do in different places at different times.’

Her favourite ready meal is also listed as lasagne and when she is not playing the tambourine in Doodah, she likes sticking sequins onto her shoes with superglue and watching films of kittens sleeping.

‘I think I’m speaking for all of us,’ she says, ‘when I say how excited we are about tonight’s concert.’

Daphne smiles into the camera.

‘We love all our fans everywhere but we love our fans in Panic Town the most, especially our friends and family who are obviously our fans as well.’

‘Well how’s that, then? Ka-boooey!’ says Bright Diamond again. ‘That’s really great. Before we go, I would like to ask Deirdre who came up with the idea for your latest outfits.’

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