In one of Ellis’s favourite adventures, The Circus has Lost a Clown, there is a moment when Pearly stands still in front of the visiting circus tent until an idea about what to do next comes to her ‘like a bolt out of the blue’.

Now, Ellis wasn’t so sure that she liked the idea of a bolt coming at her out of the blue, whatever and wherever that was, but she thought that if she just stood and stared at the house for a while then she might start to have an idea about what she needed to do next.

So Ellis stood and she stared. She stared and she stood. It wasn’t long before she started to think that just standing and staring wasn’t really going to help her get very far.

So Ellis stood and worried. She worried and she stood and just when she thought that this standing and staring and worrying was becoming too much, something caught her eye.

Tucked beneath the doormat and half-hidden by the evening shadows, Ellis saw a piece of very curious-looking paper. It was yellow with big black writing on it. She bent down to pick it up. It was a backstage pass for Doodah’s homecoming concert at seven o’clock that evening at the Panic Town Stadium.

‘Falcon Boy,’ Ellis whispered. ‘I think I’ve found something useful.’

‘Well done,’ said Falcon Boy. ‘What is it?’

‘It is a backstage pass for tonight’s Doodah concert,’ she replied.

After thirty-three shows in seventeen days, Panic Town’s finest popular music combination act, or Doodah, as they are known to their millions of adoring fans, were set to play the final concert in their Loving You Loving Us Tour that evening at the Panic Town Stadium.

According to the advance publicity, the show promised to be ‘the show to end all shows’ (a claim that could be taken in more ways than one).

Ellis thought for a moment.

‘I’ll have to go there next, won’t I?’ she asked Falcon Boy.

‘You will,’ he replied, trying to sound sagely. ‘A clue this obvious is something that no one can afford to ignore. You’ll have to see what happens when you get there.’

‘You’re right,’ said Ellis. ‘I have no choice.’

‘You’re right,’ said Falcon Boy. ‘You have no choice.’

They are both right. Ellis really had no choice.

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