‘I would have to have a fountain in the front garden,’ Ellis reasoned. ‘That would look good and I could colour the water with lights for special occasions.

‘There would have to be a landing pad on the roof because by the time I am grown up, everyone will have a flying car. And I would definitely need a network of secret tunnels all linked up and leading to the sort of places that only superheroes and their friends would need to go.

‘Also a laboratory,’ she decided. ‘I would have to look at fingerprints and other clues, and would need a row of white coats hanging on hooks as well as a wall full of computer screens. And everyone needs a radar room complete with a built-in periscope/telescope combination, and a computer disguised as a television disguised as a bookshelf.

‘Maybe even a sliding chute for a quick escape built into the bathroom for when enemies threatened to put a stop to my crime fighting? The front door could also be invisible so that only invited guests, fellow crime fighters, clue solvers and not forgetting of course, family and friends, could visit.

‘I’m also going to need a hammock swinging in a very quiet part of the garden, so that I can get plenty of rest between adventures and meditate when the wickedness of the world momentarily gets too much for me and I need to unwind.’

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