In Option Number Three, Falcon Boy does not use his superpower to con, convince, connive or conspire. Instead, and as can happen very occasionally (and only really in stories but possibly in real life but probably never in this way), it just so happens that something magically coincidental happens to Ellis.

For reasons probably to do with probability, possibility, impossibility and, of course, improbability, this option might work better if this book was a film, or when this book is a film (aim high, I always say).

In the film of this book, you could have a scientist explain what is about to happen. The scientist would be able to make it sound very likely and convincing. There is no scientist in this story about to explain anything but that doesn’t mean that one won’t be created for the screenplay. It happens all the time.

Failing all this, it would really take a separate book to properly justify what is about to happen, if any justification would be possible, so perhaps we should accept that what is about to happen happens, because who would want to read a book about this sort of thing anyway? Watching a film is a different story altogether but that is for a different story.

Anyway, Ellis accidentally pressed pause on her MP3 player when she meant to press stop and as she did so, she accidentally managed to pause the world of her house.

Ellis walked into the kitchen to see her Mum standing by the back door, paused and frozen in time.

‘I’m just popping out to save the world by finding out what has happened to Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird and then rescue them before Dr Don’t Know can put his evil plans into action,’ she said.

Mum didn’t reply. How could she? She had just been paused by an extremely convenient but profoundly improbable and wholly-shabby plot device.

Let’s see how they handle this option in the film.

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