Now, this option is slightly different to the first one and I am not sure that I really like it that much. Nevertheless, it is a viable one so I’ll let you decide. It will also alleviate the concern about what will happen when Ellis’s Mum and her friend stop talking in Option Number One.

Falcon Boy uses his superpower again and convinces Ellis’s Mum that she really needs to give more back to society, and she can start doing this by calling a direct marketing company and offering to complete as many surveys as they have got.

‘Really?’ came the unscripted response from the extremely surprised direct marketeer. ‘All of them?’

‘Absolutely,’ said Mum. ‘I have always thought what a thankless task you people must have and I suddenly got the idea to do something to make your job a bit more bearable.’

‘Thank you very much,’ came the reply, still unscripted. ‘This may take a while,’ said the marketeer, ‘so I hope you are sitting down.’

‘I am now,’ said Ellis’s Mum as she sits down on a kitchen stool. ‘So what do you want to know?’

Ellis realised that this was going to take a while so she took the opportunity to grab her scooter, open the front door and head off towards the park without her Mum knowing.

Obviously, I am not encouraging anyone to be as reckless as to let their small child out of the house unattended. Or, indeed, phone a direct marketing company directly. Or do both. Nevertheless, some of you might like the options that this option offers.

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