Ellis knows that Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird live in a small house at the very edge of the Panic Town Park and Ornamental Gardens. She knows the park very well and only last weekend had been in the playground trying to master the monkey bars. From her house, the park isn’t very far and Ellis will only have to cross two roads, both with traffic lights.

Falcon Boy’s brand-new superpower allows him to say something to someone and make it sound like an idea that has just popped into their head. He suggested to Ellis’s Mum that it might be a nice idea to surprise Ellis with a spontaneous trip to the park.

‘I’ve just had a great idea,’ said Ellis’s Mum. ‘I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier.’ (We do!)

‘It’s a lovely evening and your dad won’t be home for a while, so why don’t we two girls go and have some fun together in the playground?’

Ellis understood immediately that Mum’s idea had come from Falcon Boy.

‘Thank you,’ she whispered to the kidnapped superhero.

‘No problem,’ said Falcon Boy. ‘Our house is just by the gate so you shouldn’t have any problem getting a chance to take a look.’

Ellis and her Mum reached the gates of the park when a voice called out, ‘Hello there, and how are you? I haven’t seen you for ages. How have you been?’ It was one of Mum’s chatty friends and Ellis knew that she would be waiting for a while as the two friends chat.

‘Here’s my chance,’ she thought and slipped through the gate that lead to Falcon Boy’s house.

We won’t think about what will happen once Mum and her friend stop talking. That’s for another time.

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