‘Okay,’ said Ellis. ‘Then what happened?’

This is great, she thought. I sound just like Pearly Stockwell. Maybe one day, someone is going to write a story about me trying to solve a mystery or investigate a disappearance, kidnapping or other solar-system-threatening situation.


Falcon Boy continued.

‘The doorbell rang and I remember thinking that this was very strange as the supper party we had organised for Councillor Denver Footswerve and his wife, Peculia, wasn’t until next week.’

Falcon Boy paused here as he allowed the names that he had dropped to fall heavily to the floor with a hearty thud. Ellis didn’t notice but I’m sure you did.

‘Bewilder Bird was very annoyed at having to answer the door but I was busy on the laptop and it was his turn to go. I listened and waited but he didn’t come back. The doorbell rang again so I put down my laptop and went into the hall. Bewilder Bird was nowhere to be seen and so I thought that maybe he was standing out on the porch talking to a well-wisher.’

‘Just as I opened the front door, I remember catching a brief whiff of something that smelled like hot oil but before I had time to do anything, there was a bright flash of light. The next thing I remember was waking up here with Bewilder Bird.’

Falcon Boy sounded very upset and even though the whole thing was beginning to get very weird indeed, Ellis kind of already knew – as I am sure that all of you do too – that it was going to be down to her to do something to try and find Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird and, by doing so, help save the world from total and utter destruction.

‘I’m going to find you,’ Ellis said, and hoped that she sounded like Pearly Stockwell. ‘I’m going to come and find you both and help you escape.’

‘Great,’ said Falcon Boy, ‘but how? You don’t know where we are.’

‘No,’ said Ellis, ‘I don’t know where you are but I am still going to find you. I am going to use all my powers of imagination and thinking and deduction to find a way to find out where you are and rescue you.’

Ellis felt brave and helpful and, for a moment, dreamed of one day forming her own gang of clever clue solvers like the Interesting Twins.

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