Inspired by Pearly Stockwell, Ellis began to ask some questions.

‘Are you underwater?’ she began. ‘Can you hear fish swimming, dolphins talking or the secret singing of crabs?’

‘I can’t hear anything,’ said Falcon Boy. And even though he strained really hard, it was true, he couldn’t. Ellis tried again.

‘Are you really hot like you would be in the desert? Or if you were buried at the earth’s core?’

‘I don’t think so,’ replied Falcon Boy. ‘It is getting a bit stuffy in here, but I think that is due more to the fact that me and Bewilder Bird are piled in on top of each other than because we are somewhere ferociously hot.’

Ellis thought again.

‘Are you really cold?’ she continued. ‘Do you think you might be at the South Pole or floating in deep dark outer space?’

To Ellis, like all children everywhere and hopefully some adults as well, the world is a never-filled box that overflows with the most marvellous, magical, wonderful and amazing all kinds of everything. All you have to do is be alive to the possibility that there is always more to know.

Like the most satisfying drink you have ever tasted, one that you can’t stop gulping down, Ellis is simply consumed by the desire to learn and she drinks eagerly, heartily and regularly.

As a result, her head is full of facts and figures and pictures and faces and ideas and theories and notions and fantasies and sightings and soundings and it goes without saying that (I like it so much when people say this that I wrote it and then put a line through it to somehow prove a point) some of these are very real and some of these are not so real. Some of these are imagined and some are made-up. Others are half-remembered or almost-forgotten, but all of these ideas and things are completely compelling and absolutely, undoubtedly and utterly her own.

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