Falconb Boy 1

Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 21

‘Hairy Top Lips and Homemade Boots’ Part 1

Ellis knew that things weren’t the way they were supposed to be. Even though they were trying to hide it from her, Ellis also knew that her Mum and Dad were very concerned about the situation. She had heard them over breakfast.

‘I heard that he’s a right old loony,’ said Mum.

‘I heard that too,’ said Dad, ‘but the two of them are hardly first-rate heroes, are they?’ Dad looked out of the kitchen window. ‘I can’t understand why on earth he would bother to kidnap those two losers anyway.’

‘They’re not losers,’ said Mum, ‘just untried on the public stage.’ She smiled. ‘For all we know they could be the vanguard of a brand-new future…’

‘Whaaaaat?’ scoffed Dad, ‘that little fool with the hairy top lip and his mate who can’t walk in his homemade bird boots?’ He scoffed again. ‘In any case, if that’s how they want the future to look then I’m telling you now, I’m not growing a moustache for anyone.’

Ellis knew that underneath all of his bluster, Dad was as worried as Mum.

‘You could always shave the moustache off again,’ said Mum, ‘but preventing the destruction of the entire universe is a bit more complicated.’

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