Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 20

‘The reader is perplexed as well’

When characters in stories are presented with things that they don’t understand, or are placed into situations that they cannot comprehend, they are not the only ones to be confused. The reader is often perplexed as well and this is not always a good thing.

Now, I’m not taking my responsibility as the writer of this story too lightly here but I do believe that some writers feel their responsibilities too heavily and therefore feel too obliged to explain everything in too much detail. When this happens, it can leave no room for the reader to use their imagination.

Instead of being able to see events the way they want to, too much detail forces readers to only see things the way the writer wants them to. It leaves no room for interpretation and imagination. Furthermore, it makes very little difference to the characters either way.

For example, Falcon Boy was oblivious to all of this responsibility, explanation and imagination stuff and kept talking to Ellis, indifferent to any concerns over whether or not he was simply an innocent pawn caught up in a barefaced plot to take whacking great narrative liberties with a story. He just kept on talking.

‘Dr Don’t Know will be expecting all the forces of law and order across the world to be mobilised in order to secure our immediate release and reinstatement as leading crime-fighting authority figures,’ said Falcon Boy, somewhat misguidedly. ‘He would never suspect someone like you, not in one hundred thousand million years.’

Falcon Boy had a point. International super-criminals tend to oversee vast criminal networks teeming with minions engaged in illegal activity, and all contributing to the creeping threat of a global menace. For example, the principle villain in the Pearly Stockwell and the Interesting Twins Wonder Detective Comic Book Super Series, as well as its audio counterpart, is the nefarious Octopus and Ellis remembered that Pearly always speaks about the Octopus’s vast evil empire and ‘his eight mean legs of greed, theft, evil, selfishness, anger, violence, meanness and insanity’.

‘You cannot possibly be a master criminal,’ thought Ellis, ‘without an enormous evil empire and if you have an enormous evil empire then you would need lots and lots of evil people doing lots and lots of evil things for you. This would make it very easy not to know everything that was going on.’

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