Falconb Boy 1

Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 15

Falcon Boy looked slightly rubbish?

Ellis knew that everyone was terrified. She knew it was something to do with Dr Don’t Know doing something to Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird. All the teachers at the Panic Town Elementary Academy urged their pupils to write letters to Dr Don’t Know pleading for the safe return of Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird. The youngest children drew pleading pictures instead.

Ellis had seen Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird many times in and around the park. She had also seen them directing traffic on bank holidays when the crowds of holidaymakers blocked the road.

Falcon Boy considered duties like this to be part of his new life. However, the Panic Town Police didn’t see things quite the same way and asked him not to interfere.

According to Falcon Boy, the police were worried about a possible conflict of interests. Also, as he added to anyone listening, ‘I suppose there is also the issue of being properly qualified.’ Falcon Boy would glance over his shoulder. ‘It might be an idea,’ he would say conspiratorially, ‘if the Panic Town Police reviewed their operating procedures now that we are here to give them a much-needed helping hand.’

I am sure that this suggestion had reached Captain Lorimer. I am also sure that she wasn’t too impressed.

Even though Ellis knew that the two superheroes were probably a good thing to have around, she still couldn’t help feeling that Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird looked slightly rubbish. Falcon Boy with his silly blue beak-cap-mask and Bewilder Bird with his shoes designed to look bird feet. They made it hard for him to run as he was always tripping over the elongated claws.

But Ellis already knew enough to know that she shouldn’t really judge people by their appearances, despite the very serious challenges that the two superheroes presented to this maxim.

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