Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 10

‘Ellis is an ordinary girl’

Ellis likes to do ordinary things like riding her bike, dancing, eating pasta, watching television, dressing up, baking cakes, reading, drawing, writing stories, pretending, asking questions and playing the piano.

She loves games of all kinds: board games, video games, fun games, silly games, invented games, games with dolls, with puppets, with bats and balls, with words, with mimes, music, silence, with guesses and riddles and made-up words.

But what does Ellis look like?

Is she tall with blonde hair? Freckles and a ponytail? A bob and a baseball cap? A big toothy grin? Shy in a velvet dress? Laughing as she is dressed as a pirate? Bright blue eyes full of tears when a clap of thunder makes her scared?

I know what she looks like in my mind but my mind is different to your mind. What do you think she looks like? As Ellis will tell you herself, if you ever get the chance to ask her, the best parts of any story are the parts you add yourself.

You have the words that are written. You have the gaps between the words. Your job is to fill these gaps with your imagination.

For example, I have just told you who Ellis is. I have also told you what she likes doing. But I haven’t told you what she looks like. That is your job.

Ellis also really enjoys listening to listen to music and stories on her generic MP3 player. Here is what she is currently listening to:


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