Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 9

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the Infamous Moon Rope’ Part 2

Adzel Circumference was getting ready to go home after working a night shift on the Panic Town taxi rank when a final fare jumped in the back and asked to be taken to the station. The journey was a really short one but was still long enough for the passenger to tell Adzel that governments elsewhere were planning to encase Panic Town in a giant plastic dome.

‘Not only will this contain the situation and prevent it from escalating,’ said the passenger to the wide-eyed taxi driver, ‘it will also allow them to fill the dome full of crowd control foam if they need to.’

Despite being exhausted after a hard night’s driving, Adzel found it hard to sleep that morning.

Captain Lori Lorimer of the Panic Town Police Force briefed a panel of Panic Town’s finest notables including, most notably, Councillor Denver Footswerve, the current Mayor. As she nervously scrolled through the slides of her presentation, Captain Lorimer told the noted notables that she had her best minds working on the case.

‘I have my best people working on this one,’ she tried to reassure those gathered. ‘A crack unit, comprised of the finest minds mined from the department.’ She paused, hoping that the pause sounded reassuring.

‘I don’t mind telling you,’ Captain Lorimer continued, ‘that to my mind these minds are some of the finest minds that anyone has ever been minded to assemble.’

She changed the slide of her presentation and aimed her laser pointer at the screen.

‘Our early intelligence is very sketchy but from what we can gather it is only a matter of days before Dr Don’t Know is ready to launch his Moon Rope.’

Captain Lorimer paused again.


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