Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 7

‘The Early Days’

In the early days, Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird rented a small apartment overlooking the bus station but the sound of early-morning engines being revved by angry-sounding drivers swearing at the hordes of seagulls quickly became too much for the superheroes.

After much pleading, plenty of form filling and a considerable amount of don’t-you-know-who-we-are-ing, Panic Town District Council’s Housing Department finally allocated them the derelict gatekeeper’s cottage that sits on the very edge of the Panic Town Park and Ornamental Gardens.

With no renovation grants available to them, Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird spent the last of their savings decorating the house, and even though Bewilder Bird wasn’t very good when it came to painting the skirting boards he was always handy when a curtain needed hanging.

To begin with, Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird were the subjects of considerable attention. If you found yourself patiently waiting at the end of the queue of well-wishers and autograph hunters lined up outside the recently-renovated cottage, you could reasonably expect to wait for almost twenty minutes before you got to the front.

The queues were only to begin with and as early as the Monday of the following week everything had returned to normal. Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird were able to go about their daily business unnoticed. This was obviously very good for their prospects of fighting crime unhindered, but not very good for either of their egos.

In the best tradition of small minds in small towns everywhere, Panic Town was soon acting as if Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird had always been there.

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