Falconb Boy 1

Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero Volume 1: 6

‘Falcon Boy is slightly too grand’ Pt. 2

Stun stayed silent. Whether it was the adrenaline rush he was currently experiencing, the feeling of liberation that a triumph, however small, can induce in oneself, or the simple fact that something exciting had finally happened to him, Falcon Boy started to babble.

‘Dissatisfied with what we both see as a chronic inability nowadays for society to do anything other than stand around chatting idly about small and pointless things we are both prepared to confidently predict that our collective input into the age-old struggle between good and evil will allow the world to eventually see a reasonable return on the effort we are investing and that this will be evidenced by an eventual upturn on the law and order axis of the world’s crime graphs.’

Stun stayed stunned.

‘My partner and I see this as a global project but one with local roots. Though we may be thinking big long term, we are prepared to focus short term on the here and now. Your funny little town could be any funny little town but it is the first funny little town we found when we got off the train.’ Falcon Boy pointed at the elderly gardener, ‘And you were the first funny little person we saw who we thought needed our intervention.’

Falcon Boy turned to Bewilder Bird, who had finally stopped curling his bicep. ‘I think I like it here,’ he declared to his friend. ‘Let’s stick around and see what the future might have in store for two likely-looking crime-fighting colleagues actively looking to engage with all manner of dangers and all for the public good.’

Bewilder Bird nodded silently as he always did.

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