Falcon Boy 1: 5 ‘The Cowardly Jumpy Nolan’ Part 3

Stun stood still and was stabbed by the stalk. Jumpy and his friends grabbed more cabbages and began to advance on poor Stun. Stun stood his ground but stood no chance. The toughs were almost upon the gardener when they suddenly stopped and stared. Running towards them full-pelt were two men wearing strange-looking costumes.

The smaller of the two wore a bright blue beak-hat-mask held together with industrial tape, with a yellow t-shirt hanging untucked over a navy blue boiler suit. The letters F and B were crudely potato-printed onto the t-shirt. Two curved silver feathers bordered the letters. Heavy-looking walking shoes completed this outfit. Even from this distance, everyone could see that the man had the makings of a moustache sprouting on his top lip.

The other man stumbled as he ran because his boots were made to look like a bird’s feet. Unfortunately, the claws were too long and they kept getting caught beneath each other. He also sported a golden cloak that was tattered at the edges and beneath this the toughs could see a red shiny bodysuit with ‘BB’ badly-sewn onto a golden shield on his chest. A simple golden band covered his eyes.

‘Jumping Jupiter,’ shouted Falcon Boy, for that is who was wearing the yellow t-shirt, ‘we’ll have none of that nonsense round here.’ The other hero didn’t say anything. He just shook his fists. Falcon Boy kept on shouting as they raced to the rescue.

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