Falcon Boy 1: 5 ‘The Cowardly Jumpy Nolan’ Part 2

Jumpy started his afternoon’s horticultural havoc by ripping plants out of the newly weeded flowerbeds and hurling them into the duck pond. Easily impressed, his friends saw what fun their leader was having and eagerly joined in.

Before long an entire bed of gently-bobbing purple verbenas were unceremoniously ripped from their bed, and now floated sadly on the surface of the pond. Just then Stun came around the corner pushing his barrow.

Stunned, Stun stopped and stared. In all his years in the park, Stun had never seen such bad behaviour and he told the toughs so.

‘In all my years in the park, I have never seen such bad behaviour,’ he told the trouble of toughs. The toughs stopped and turned to face the ageing gardener.

‘What has it got to do with you?’ Jumpy snarled. ‘Why don’t you pick up your barrow and go and wheel it down the middle of a busy motorway? Or stuff it handle-first up your nosy, nasty nose?’

Jumpy’s friends all said ‘Yeah!’ together and this made Jumpy feel like a really tough tough for acting so tough with his trouble of toughs standing totally tough behind him. Stun, standing his ground, stuck to his guns.

‘Get out of my park this instant,’ he demanded. ‘I won’t having you doing any more damage.’

‘Oh, won’t you?’ whined Jumpy in a sneery voice. Or sneered in a whiny voice. Whichever one you choose, Jumpy is still an obnoxious bully. If you don’t like either, you can just say that Jumpy whined or Jumpy sneered.

‘Well, what about this then, eh?’ growled Jumpy as he grabbed an ornamental cabbage, tugged it clean from the ground and threw the startled plant at the startled gardener.

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