Falcon Boy 1: 4 ‘Bacharach McCarthy’ Pt 5

And so the idea was fixed. Clayton handed in his notice the next day and tried to ignore the sniggering of his supervisor when he explained why it was that he no longer wanted to work in the factory.

‘You’ll be back begging for this job in a couple of weeks,’ the supervisor sneered. ‘Fools like you always are!’

‘Not this fool,’ thought Clayton, but he held his tongue as it seemed like the right superhero-type thing to do.

That night, Falcon Boy logged into SuperHeroVerse™ and posted the following message on the superhero community notice board:

TIRED of talking?

Want some ACTION?

Mail me NOW!

Logging on the next morning, Clayton was delighted to find a reply. The reply had no content and didn’t actually say anything but Falcon Boy could see that it came from someone called Bewilder Bird. It was a fairly torturous process to make arrangements with someone who didn’t speak, but finally arrangements were successfully made for the two heroes to meet in real life and embark upon their life of superheroing together.

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