As you know I have been living in an abandoned cinema for the last while. I liked living here because it was close to a supermarket. The neighborhood was a sleepy one and I could by and large mind my own business. Sadly, however things came to a head last night and now I need to move again.

A large group of out-of-towners arrived just after nightfall and stirred up the locals. They brought cops and dogs with them and spent the night trying to get onto the roof of the cinema. I managed to avoid a direct confrontation with the horde but they did cause a lot of damage to my ‘home’.

I’m philosophical about the whole thing; this is what can happen sometimes when you live somewhere you are not really welcome. I don’t take it personally because I know that if it wasn’t me that my neighbors objected to it would be someone else. I always knew that I would be moving on at some stage and so last night’s incident made my mind up for me.

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