The Queen of the Summer Sun


When inspiration strikes it can strike hard. Hot on the heels of their new 16 series the rebel|robot|mcs (this re-branding is getting harder and harder to type (but what can you do with those artist-types?)) have just released an ambient tribute to Astrud Gilberto or, as they like to call her, the Queen of the Summer Sun. This morning I was lucky enough to speak to DJ SLO-MO (Dalton Akimbo to her friends and family) and she gave me the low-down.

ME: What with the re-branding and the change in sonic direction it looks like the rebel|robot|mcs are back with a bang. This is great news for everyone, especially me, because the last time we saw you all you had just signed one of the most eye-wateringly repressive contracts in the history of eye-wateringly repressive contracts. Are you allowed to say anything about this?

DJ SLO-MO: Hi everyone. Yes this is great news, especially for us, of course, but we are not allowed to say anything about the contract other than to say that it no longer exists. This is the result of the contract we signed to end the contract we signed if you see what I mean.

ME: OK, fair enough. So can I ask you about your change in direction? What inspired you? What do you see happening going forward?

DJ SLO-MO: We’re not really sure at the moment. After the trauma of the contract we are just happy to be starting again. We are all having fun and just seeing what happens. Nothing more really.

ME: The Queen of the Summer Sun?

DJ SLO-MO: My dad has always played this stuff and so I have always heard it growing up. When you move away from what you have been doing you very often look into your past for inspiration and that is what I did. It is very basic and not yet very good but that is fine. We are happy with the knowledge that we can only get better.

ME: Thank you very much DJ SLO-MO and good luck for the future.

DJ SLO-MO: Thank you as well and I hope to speak to you soon.

You can watch the video below.

You can also find this new track as well as the 16 series on SoundCloud