#7DaystoDie Ep. 8 – ‘Dream House in the Country’


Good news. I have finally found the house I have been looking for.

Empty. Turn-key condition. No chain. Fully furnished. It even has a verandah overlooking a lake. Best of all the house is very close to the city – one bridge and a brisk jog.

I have had to do some landscaping in the garden. I also put up a new wall for privacy. I haven’t met my neighbors yet but I’m sure I will. I hear some of them at night. Walking around. In the morning they are not there.

#7DaystoDie Ep. 7 – ‘i put a dollar on “you will die”´


‘It is not given to ‘human reality’ to annihilate even provisionally the mass of being which it posits before itself. Man’s relation to being is that he can modify it.’

Jean-Paul Sartre, ‘The Problem of Nothingness’, Being and Nothing, pp. 59-60

‘i put a dollar on “you will die”´

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#7DaystoDie Ep. 6 ‘dose it sound like the hornets are saying asshole to any one?’


‘The implied presence of the rest of the world, and its explicit rejection, are as essential in the experience of a photograph as what it explicitly presents. A camera is an opening in a box: that is the best emblem of the fact that a camera holding on an object is holding the rest of the world away.’

Stanley Cavell, The World Viewed: Reflections on the Ontology of Film, Enlarged Edition (Harvard University Press, 1971, 1974, 1979), p. 24

‘dose it sound like the hornets are saying asshole to any one?’

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#7DaystoDie Ep. 4 ‘The Exact Same Stars in their own Aloneness’


With the business of the day done and there being no more reasons for me to be walking about, I take to thinking about the world I find myself in. I know with complete certainty that I am alone. I am fine with this and am comforted by the fact that there are thousands of other people exactly like myself who find themselves alone in a world that is the same as mine but utterly different.

As I watch the stars shine bright I know that I am the only person who can see them but I also know that there are many other people who see the exact same stars in their own aloneness.

#7DaystoDie Ep. 2 ‘a moldy sandwich in a wall safe’


I have recently moved into a deserted cinema that sits on the edge of town. The place is empty now and the corridors ring with only my footsteps.

Things are fine during the day and I can explore without too much fear. I find a moldy sandwich in a wall safe and two bottles of water in a fridge. I also find some beer behind the counter of the concession stand in the lobby.

At night things are very different and so I sit on the roof looking up at the stars as they shine in their virtual sky. Down in the streets there is lots of life but that life is not my life so I try and stay apart.