BookTok is a vibrant and active community of book lovers on TikTok, and if you’re new to the platform, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are ten things to look out for as you explore BookTok:

1. Book recommendations: One of the best things about BookTok is the endless stream of book recommendations. Whether you’re looking for your next read or just want to see what others are reading, you’ll find no shortage of suggestions.

2. Book hauls: Book haul videos are a staple of BookTok, and they’re a great way to get a sense of the latest and greatest releases. Keep an eye out for these videos to get an idea of what’s new in the world of books.

3. Book reviews: If you’re not sure whether a book is right for you, you can often find reviews on BookTok to help you decide. These reviews can be helpful, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s opinion is different, so take them with a grain of salt.

4. Book challenges: Book challenges are a popular feature of BookTok, and they’re a fun way to get involved in the community. Whether it’s a reading challenge or a book recommendation challenge, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to participate.

5. Book clubs: Many BookTok users belong to book clubs, and you’ll often see them sharing their thoughts and discussions about the books they’ve read. This can be a great way to discover new books and connect with others who share your love of reading.

6. Book swaps: Book swaps are a fun way to share your favourite reads with others and discover new books. Keep an eye out for BookTok users who are looking to participate in a book swap and see if you can get involved.

7. Author content: Many authors have embraced TikTok and are active on the platform, sharing content related to their books and writing process. This can be a great way to get to know your favourite authors and learn more about their work.

8. Book aesthetics: Aesthetics are a big part of BookTok, and you’ll often see users sharing beautifully arranged shelves and book stacks. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own bookshelves, you’ll find plenty of ideas on BookTok.

9. Book memes: If you’re a fan of memes, you’ll love BookTok. There are endless book-related memes floating around the platform, and they can be a great way to get a laugh while exploring new reads.

10. Book communities: BookTok is just one of many book-related communities on TikTok, and you’ll often see users sharing content from other book-centric hashtags like #Bookstagram and #BookBlogger. Keep an eye out for these hashtags to discover even more book-related content.

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