This is a small book about what we’re looking for, what we love, what we’ve lost, and the effort it takes to find a way to live. This is a book about what it means to feel alive and how to want something again. How To Want Something Else is for everyone who has ever wanted more than they have, struggled with wanting anything at all, or found themselves longing for something else.

I’m delighted to announce that How To Want Something Else has just gone live on Amazon and you can get your copy here. Following the wonderful reception that How To Want Something received, I decided to continue the series. If you haven’t read How To Want Something yet then you can get your copy here. If you want to know more about the book then take a look at the reviews …

‘This book is a wonderfully genuine, authentic and life- affirming experience not to be missed. It got me thinking about staying connected to my interests and passions and not ever letting them slip away and the importance of wanting something as the book title suggests. And that from a book is a particularly generous gift.’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt as though someone were speaking aloud my innermost thoughts. I would strongly recommend this book for anyone who has ever felt lost, or confused.’

‘I loved the rawness and honesty which is conveyed throughout this book. It made me reflect on how my own relationships, present and future life had also been affected by time and Covid. I wish there had been more chapters to follow. I’d highly recommend this book.’

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