‘A beautifully written book that ponders the meaning of fulfilment when stuck in the inexorable humdrum of a career, you lose touch with old friends etc. There’s an equally beautiful revelation as to the shape that fulfilment takes. Hilarious at times re the description of undertaking a Phd and more, there is as much joy and humour in this book as there is darker introspection. It’s original in style and format -lovely to have a book that asks readers important questions without ramming ready platitudes down their throat. This book is a wonderfully genuine, authentic and life- affirming experience not to be missed. It got me thinking about staying connected to my interests and passions and not ever letting them slip away and the importance of wanting something as the book title suggests. And that from a book is a particularly generous gift.’

If you’re interested in finding out more about How To Want Something then why not click the link https://bit.ly/HOWTOWANTSOMETHING.

Once you have finished you could also leave a review. That would be fantastic.

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