Imagine a single pleading stream of hopeless angry frightened desperate voices captured and then eventually set adrift across the darkest darkness of Time and Space forever more.

‘We are very sorry.’

‘Isn’t there someone who can stop this?’

‘Queríamos envejecer juntos.’

‘Who is in charge ‘round here?’

‘I can’t find my mammy.’

‘Je ne veux pas mourir.’

‘Can we talk about this?’

‘Are you’s all angels like?’

‘What did we do to deserve this?’

‘Are you kind-of like aliens?’

‘How dare you!’

‘Please don’t do this to us.’

‘My wife died this morning.’

‘We’re not afraid.’

‘I think my parents are still alive.’

‘Et absterget Deus omnem lacrimam ab oculis eorum. Mors ultra non erit neque luctus neque clamor neque dolor erit ultra quae prima abierunt.’

‘I refuse to say anything.”

‘And then she died.’

‘I have always been ultra-compliant with my taxes.’

‘… for my Bible tells me so …’

‘Is this an advert?’

‘And no one helped him, he just lay dead in the street.’

‘Isn’t this illegal?’

‘So this is what the Rapture is really like?’

‘How long have I got?

‘Say goodbye, children.’

‘Did I miss the referendum?’

‘Quanto àqueles que rejeitam a fé, eu os castigarei com terrível agonia neste mundo e no Além, nem terão ninguém para ajudar.’

‘What happens if we all say no?’

‘You absolute bastards.’

‘But she was too young …’

‘If only I had told him earlier.’

‘If anyone is listening, please do something. Tell the world what is happening here.’

‘Ég er svo ein.’

‘When you walk through a storm …’

‘I don’t have any shoes.’

‘She meant the world to me.’

‘After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.’

‘I need a drink.’

‘I am so so scared.’

‘She was only a wee thing.’

‘Is this gonna hurt?’

‘Has anyone seen my brother?’

‘What happens next?’

‘Bonvolu, ni petegas vin. Bonvolu forigi la infanon. Ni feliĉe mortos, sed ne ŝin, bonvolu ne!’

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