As the cut scene from Level Four of the Inteachán video game (for console, laptop, tablet and phone) continues, the player(s) can see that waves and waves cockroaches are now falling from the ceiling and landing in the water with the plop and the splash that Inteachán heard just a moment ago. The player now knows that following the cut scene they will have the chance to act and take likely evasive action.

Knowing the way that games work, this will probably involve running very fast in a particular direction and making sure to press the ‘Jump’ button at the right moment so as to avoid the endless waves of cockroaches. Or opening up Inteachán’s Inventory and finding something that will help her animated, motion-captured avatar face this new challenge.

But this is real life not a game and so Inteachán didn’t know that she was about to be engulfed by cockroaches until the very second before she was engulfed by cockroaches.


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