Inteachán – Book Three: Operation Turnback 3: 48 ‘I’m sure you will’

Over the days that followed Mac and Gilly started to spread the word of their (partial) rebellion to the other people forced to work in the courtyard.

Some, like Doctor Iseult Ó Buachalla, world-renowned author of The Tallowcentric Tradition: History, Uses and Abuses of Ecclesiastical Tapers, Votives and Veladoras (who last time we met had been stuck sobbing on Mac’s bus for three days) didn’t take much persuading.

‘I wasn’t at my best the last time you saw me,’ she said to Mac.

‘None of us were, Doctor Ó Buachalla,’ smiled Mac.

‘No-one will see me like that again,’ she continued. ‘I will make damned sure of that.’

‘I’m sure you will, Iseult,’ Mac replied. ‘I’m sure you will.’


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