‘As you know, The5 exist in the spaces between things,’ explained the Rock Star. ‘The white between the words on a page, lines of a book or the editing of a film.’

The Rock Star rubbed his hands together.

‘Tonight The5 will reveal themselves in part to the world via the rapid cuts of the specially-created video that will be playing on the massive wall of screens behind the band.’

Inteachán said nothing.

‘As the video plays and the strobes pulse and the music deafens, the crowd will gradually become hypnotized to do the bidding of The5.’

The Rock Star leapt to his Cuban-heeled feet.

‘As the concert’s climax is reached I will blow the Horn and The5 will appear to 80 000 brand-new followers – plus the four of us in the band.’

‘We will take this dirty old town by sunrise.’

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