Inteachán – Book One: The Song of the NotBeSpeak 1: 13 ‘Tain Bo Cuailnge’

A plan cooked up by wife and husband to steal a sacred bull called Donn Cuailnge. A royal wife and husband. Queen Mebh of Connaught. King Ailill. Legend surrounding legend but legend has it that a bull’s horn went missing. And has never been found.

Queen Mebh’s cairn stands atop Knocknarea and Inteachán crept towards it in the night. She stopped to grab a stone and put it in her pocket.

Apparently, it is bad luck to remove a stone from the cairn but good luck to leave one there. Inteachán needed all the luck she could get.

The lock on the gate was no match for Inteachán and she glided past the bars and into the shadows.

Earth. Water. Urine. All tombs smell the same.

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