As she pulled the small tin from her wet bag the touch of the metal caused a twin surge of terrible loss and wonderful love to issue forth from the chambers of Inteachán’s tiny heart.

For, and despite all world-saving appearances to the contrary, Inteachán’s loss was still too close and too recent for her to do anything other than be totally overwhelmed once more.

An unknown time passed before Inteachán was ready to begin again. She reached back into her rucksack and pulled out her spare penlight. She turned the penlight on and pointed.

Like a chalk line barely drawn across the blackness of infinity Inteachán’s beam hardly touched the dark.

5 thoughts on “Bara Cailín 4: 4 ‘a chalk line barely drawn’

  1. I always like reading your post. In the short post, I see creativity and I love the flow. For your stories, do you finish the stories first then post them and did you get an ISBN number before you post it? I want to follow in your foot steps and post my own stories, hopefully paving a way into the self-publishing / publishing industry. Keep up the work!


    1. Hi Michael, thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it! I try and write 100 words a day every day. I manage this most of the time. With Bara Cailin I am slightly ahead at the moment and rely on scheduling posts for the most part. I am planning to complete 5 chapters and then publish the whole thing as a book. I am also working on Volume 2 of the Falcon Boy series which I hope will arrive sometime in 2016. As you know running a blog is hard work but I do think that the key is to publish regularly. I look forward to reading your work. Good luck with it! Kind regards, Barnaby

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